eye with tear


The tears start to swell up in my eyes and start to flow down my cheeks. I feel the anger building inside me. While I can have sympathy for this young gal with a brain tumor, I can’t say that euthanasia is okay. It is actually the opposite. It is wrong! She is still killing herself (with the aid of a so-called doctor). So bear with me as I type as fast as I can with my rambling thoughts and frustration over this.

  1. How is it that people continue to devalue life?

  2. She wants to finish her life while still having dignity. Is this really where our society has gone? We only have value and dignity while young, athletic and of good mind? What does that say to all the people who are older, who are talented in the arts, who are born with say autism or even more debilitating mental challenges? Who is decides what is “normal” or “dignified” anyway?

  3. How can someone who is supposed to be in a proper frame of mind come to the point in life that it doesn’t matter anymore?

  4. Is anyone in a proper frame of mind who would decide suicide is okay or right?

  5. If a person no longer wants to live to the extent of deciding her death date, is he/she no longer sane?

  6. Is she so overwhelmed with fear of how living with a brain tumor would be that she is taking the easy road out?

To me that is what this is about. She is afraid. Afraid of what the tumor will do to her –maybe her thoughts or her actions. Probably afraid of what her family and friends will have to endure. While that part may sound selfless, it is truly selfish. I am still living the nightmare of living each day after the death of a loved one from suicide. Even though her decision won’t be such a shock to her family and friends, I can’t imagine they won’t be reeling in their grief and questions, religious questions too.

Which brings me to the idea that she isn’t giving thought to what happens after death. I don’t know where she is at spiritually. However, when reading the Bible about death it is clear you either go to Heaven or Hell. Two choices. That’s it. Jesus spent quite a bit of his life trying to steer people clear from Hell, so I believe it is very real.

I am not judging whether she knows Christ or not. However, it is hard for me to imagine again if someone is in the right frame of mind they would decide to end their life here on earth. We were not created this way. We were created to thrive. And what is terrible sad is she may not know she will spend eternity in Hell. Is anyone besides me thinking, ‘Talk about losing dignity?” Seriously!

I recently read another article stating she is brave. REALLY?! And then of course someone else addressed all of this pretty well, except he went to the point of stating ALL who die by suicide are not brave, are cowards and selfish. Again REALLY?! No way!! There are many who are fighting a huge battle of depression or mental illness inside their minds that can usually be treated. If they stick with it, they can be better off and most of the time overcome. Unfortunately, sometimes because they are not thinking properly and can’t see the light out of the forest, they succumb to the illness. People can help them get through this, but not until people recognize they are being brave in every hour of every day they fight for “normalcy.” Just because they, and maybe you, don’t understand doesn’t make it not so.

People need to be helping this young gal understand she will be better off fighting for her life. And if she is too ill to be fighting for it, others should be stepping in to do it for her –not giving in to emotional whims. It grieves me that our nation has comes so far away from God that we recognize feelings over mental instability.

So where does the line get drawn? Right where it should, with God. It should not be based on our emotions, our feelings. It should be based on what is morally right. Doctors are to uphold their commitment to help people live. This can mean “with dignity” in the aspect of providing comfort from excruciating pain and also safety. Best methods should be available to help the person through their final days on earth. It should be based on God being the one who decides our fate –what we endure here on earth, and when our last breath is. People are becoming their own god. When we read in history that is never a good thing. Pride comes before the fall!

If only we could reach out to this gal. Wrap our arms around her. Encourage her to not believe Satan’s deceptive lies. Shower her with Christ’s love and explain eternity after life on earth and how God wants her to live for Him, bravely and with dignity as one of His. Then maybe, maybe she would decide differently.

So, here is my plea to Brittany: https://stephaniecolemanfish.wordpress.com/?p=406&preview=true