I sit all by myself, I cannot see.
Dark, pitch dark, as black as black can be.
I look to the left and to the right. I turn around. I look down. Nothing.
Oh well, no one cares I tell myself.
I start to panic, I cannot breathe.
Help me! For it is as black as black can be.
 I look up and see a speck of light shining through to me.
I reach out my hand, shaking with fright.
The light grows bright. He reaches down.
No longer as black as black can be.
 I look to my right and to my left. People around reaching out to me.
People who love, people who care.
They’ve been there all along.They wanted to help.
Now I can see ‘cause Light overcame my black as black can be.
~Jesus is the Light of the world~
Light BW


I wrote this poem over a year ago from a dark place I was in approximately 25 years ago, brightened with thoughts and realizations from my life since. I certainly don’t proclaim to be a poet, but I want to be transparent and share with you. Maybe it will help someone.