The other day I was at our local county fair with family. My grandson insisted that “grandma needs to go on all the rides this year” with him. Well, what is a grandma to do? Buy an all day pass of course!

We were having a great time as we moved from one ride to another to another. He was old enough and tall enough this year to ride the “big” rides.

We were in line for a ride that went from side to side until it finally had enough momentum to go completely around. We reached the top of the ramp to go on. His mom went first and then turned around, he wasn’t there. Instead of following her, he looked at me and stated “I am not doing this”. He proceeded back down the ramp. We both took off after him, apologizing to the others in line as we scurried past them.

At the bottom we talked to him. He truly wanted to go on it, but became more afraid the closer we got. Finally, with a lot of encouragement, he decided he could do it. He took a deep breath, swallowed hard, trusted and got back in line. This time when we were at the top of the ramp he went forward. We decided to sit in the back so it wouldn’t be as scary. Up, down, up, down, back and forth we went. Lean to the left, lean to the right. Then finally, swoosh, swoosh, around and around we went. Just when we were in the routine, it stopped at the top. But only for a few seconds, then down the other direction we went. Around and around, swoosh. Wheeeeee!

We walked off and down the ramp. My grandson turned around and said “I want to do it again. This time I want to sit up front”. Wow! By the end of the day, we rode this one ride four times. (Which seemed like eight to me!) It was declared his “favorite ride”! I was so proud of him for overcoming his fear.

How many times do we go through life afraid of what is before us? How many times does the problem, risk or decision seem to get bigger the closer we get to it? Do we run back down the ramp saying “I can’t”? Do we stop to let God talk to us, encourage us to overcome? Do we take a deep breath, swallow hard, trust and go forward to tackle it?

Psalm 56:3 states, “When I am afraid, I will trust you”.

When you look back over your life, do you see areas of your life you once thought were so very scary that you now love? I do! Maybe it is a new job, a new relationship, overcoming a habit or taking a college course. I hope to continue to find new loves, as I take a deep breath, swallow hard and trust God when he calls me to do so. I want to fall in love with the new adventures He has waiting for me! I want to keep finding new “favorites”.